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My name is Kianna Leaa and I live my life with the mission of defying the convention.


Many believe that my life is perfect. While "perfect" is a relative term, it is half true and half not. I have been very blessed with the ability to realize many of my dreams yet absolutely nothing was achieved without hard work, determination and persistence. It is my undeniable passion fuels me to overcome any obstacle that I am faced with. Maybe it's just an Aries thing but I don't know for sure…Regardless, none of my dreams were realized solely due to luck. I attained them because I once dreamt about it, believed in it & took action. By knocking on multiple doors, opportunities continue to arise which is how I unceasingly bring my dreams to fruition.


On March 7th, 2019, I embarked on one of my biggest adventures yet! I moved from Montreal to Florence, Italy to pursue a Master’s degree in Luxury Business at Polimoda. During this time, I not only enriched my knowledge of the luxury business world but also tackled thoughtful questions that challenged the status quo all while having the unique opportunity to work alongside individuals from all over the world. Upon graduating at the top of my class, I landed a job in one of the most highly regarded luxury Italian fashion houses, on the condition that I learned the Italian language in 2 months. Although it may seem as though I achieved this all very easily, I didn't. BTS, there was a lot of blood, sweat, tears and patience. All the good and the bad experiences have shaped me into the person that I am today and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. 

​SKY HIGH CHOOS was born September 2016. The name itself is synonymous with the idea to dream big and to not be afraid to achieve the highest level of success in the shoes of your choice (in my case, my very high Jimmy Choos).  After all, sky's the limit! Here is my journey in achieving personal success in fashion and in life. By revealing some of my passion projects with you, my tenacious hope is to spread positivity while inspiring YOU to take action in achieving your dreams. 


Looking forward to connecting with you !  ​


Kianna Leaa