My name is Kianna Leaa and I live my life with a mission of defying the convention by achieving my dreams. None of these dreams were or are realized solely due to luck. It happens because I once dreamt about it, believed in it, expressed it and worked hard for it. By knocking on multiple doors, many opportunities continue to arise which is how I brought my dreams to fruition. 

On March 7th, 2o19, I moved from Montreal, Canada to Florence, Italy to pursue a Master’s degree in Luxury Business at Polimoda. After a year full of adventures, tears, laughs and lots of hard work, I finally landed a job in Florence at one of the most highly regarded luxury Italian fashion houses. Looking back I sometimes think that achieving all this was easy although it really wasn’t. There was lots of blood, sweat and tears. But having achieved this by the age of 25 years old, makes me believe that it was all worth it. 

SKY HIGH CHOOS was born September 2016. The name itself signifies that when it comes to achieving success don't be afraid to confront it with style, dignity and with purpose, after all, sky is the limit. Here is my journey in achieving personal success in the world of Fashion, while in my beautiful Gucci Angel pumps (stilettos hurt me too much). By revealing some of my passion projects with you, my tenacious hope is to spread positivity while inspiring YOU to follow your dreams.


Anything is possible not only if you believe it but also if you work for it. 


Kianna Leaa


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