My name is Kianna Leaa and I welcome you to SKY HIGH CHOOS. I am pursuing a Master's Degree in Luxury Business at Polimoda University in Florence,  Italy. 

At the age of sixteen year old I was faced with an obstacle that eventually helped me discover a true passion of mine. This happened when I received a concussion from playing basketball. As an active and energetic individual, this was one of the most difficult situations to swallow. I had to stop playing sports (basketball, taekwondo, touch football, soccer etc), going to class, watching my favorite tv shows (The Hills & KUWTK) and reading magazines (PEOPLE, HARPER'S BAZAAR & VOGUE). Basically, I had to stop my life. It was at this point that I discovered that designing gowns in my course notebooks, was my best outlet, form of happiness, form of relaxation and hope in overcoming this traumatic situation. It was then that I realized, that fashion was more than just an outlet, it was a creative passion of mine. Some may say that the obstacles in their life hinder them, but in my case it helped me discover and to further explore my interest in fashion and all aspects of it. 


At the end of the day, we are all different people with different stories to tell and experiences to share. My goal is to share my journey in achieving success in an industry in which I know I belong to. I want to share the good and the bad, insights into the opportunities available and the secrets in attaining the success that you so deeply want to achieve. 


SKY HIGH CHOOS is a platform that was created for passionate and curious individuals who want to uncover the world of fashion and further develop a strong professional network within the industry. What does it take to become the next CEO of LVMH, the President of L'Oreal, or the Marketing Director of SSENSE? Find all the answers to your questions on SKY HIGH CHOOS where you are bound to differentiate yourself from the rest. 


In a competitive and cutthroat industry, your limits will be tested. Don’t let the industry take over you, rule it ! 


Kianna Leaa

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