On April 14, 2016, the Jewish Commerce Student Society of Hillel Montreal organized one of their most successful fashion events. Over 120 professionals and university students across Montreal, gathered in Tudor Hall at La Maison Ogilvy (Holt Renfrew) to listen to the notable and accomplished leader in the fashion industry, Debra Margles, President of Michael Kors Canada.

The 120 attendees were photographed in front of an Ogilvy backdrop and MK banner upon their arrival to the event. They were then welcomed in Tudor Hall for a delicious sushi dinner from one of Montreal's finest Kosher restaurants along with a wide selection of drinks. Once the attendees devoured their meal, they then took their seats to listen to Steeve Lapierre, Director and Vice President of Marketing at La Maison Ogilvy (Holt Renfrew), who opened up the stage for Debra Margles. The President of Michael Kors Canada opened up about her journey working in the fashion, her accomplishments and the obstacles that she faced working in the competitive industry and details about working for one of the most popular brands in the world. After listening to her incredible speech, attendees grabbed their MK gift bags and rushed to the dessert and candy bar for a last boost of energy before their VIP shopping experience at the Michael Kors store on the first floor of the department store. ​​

Images are a courtesy of Ameer Alba on behalf of The Bull and Bear