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Picture this: a daring mission to create the most epic fashion extravaganza, with just 14 days to make it happen, no funds, and an audacious dream in mind. 


It all began on April 1, 2016, when the Jewish Commerce Student Society of Hillel Montreal handed me a challenge of colossal proportions. My goal? To pull off a fashion event like no other.

Now, here's the twist – I had exactly one shot to pitch my wild idea to the Director and Vice President of Marketing at La Maison Ogilvy. And guess what? He agreed to meet with me on April Fools' Day…


With unwavering determination, I painted a vivid picture of an evening at Ogilvy's Tudor Hall, where the President of Michael Kors would share her career journey and heartwarming charitable work with over 100 ambitious young minds. And you know what? He loved it! 

But there was a catch – zero funds in my pocket to pull off this grand spectacle in just 13 days. As I left that meeting, I felt the weight of the challenge ahead. But then, something incredible happened. Steeve, the visionary from La Maison Ogilvy, told me he'd take a chance on me, with a simple plea not to disappoint him. What an AMAZING feeling! I thought to myself, "Challenge accepted!" 


Fast forward to April 14th, a day that would go down in fashion history. Over 120 stylish professionals and spirited university students from every corner of Montreal converged on Tudor Hall at La Maison Ogilvy, also known as Holt Renfrew. Guests were greeted with dazzling smiles and invited to strike a pose against the Ogilvy backdrop and Michael Kors banner – because every fabulous night deserves a glamorous entrance! 


Then came the pièce de résistance: a delectable sushi feast from one of Montreal's finest Kosher restaurants, accompanied by a lavish selection of drinks. Once appetites were sated, our host extraordinaire, Steeve Lapierre, Director and Vice President of Marketing at La Maison Ogilvy (Holt Renfrew), took the stage, setting the scene for pour guest d’honeur, Debra Margles, President of Michael Kors Canada. 


Debra dazzled the crowd with her tales of fashion, triumphs, and the hurdles she gracefully conquered in the cutthroat industry. Her insights into working with one of the world's most iconic brands left everyone in awe. And that wasn't the end! Attendees walked away with Michael Kors gift bags, and a dash to the dessert and candy bar for an energy boost before embarking on their VIP shopping spree at the Michael Kors store on the first floor of the department store. A night of fashion, inspiration, and unforgettable memories – that's what happens when you dare to dream big and take a chance on the extraordinary! 

Images are a courtesy of Ameer Alba on behalf of The Bull and Bear

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