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  • Kianna Leaa

30HRS In Lago Di Garda

There is nothing more difficult than trying to make new friends during a pandemic. This became more apparent to me during a time like the summer, when we all go out, travel and create some of the best memories. Yet this past month, in the most unexpected ways, I managed to meet some pretty incredible individuals.

Earlier this month, I went to one of my favorite restaurants in Florence and met such a sweet girl in the powder room. I naturally complimented her on her lovely dress and what I anticipated would be a quick exchange of words, turned into a 15 min conversation on what we do for a living and our love for Florence. By the end of our conversation, we exchanged our information and kept in touch. What I anticipated to be a cute encounter was in fact the ​​beginning of a special friendship!

We kept in touch over Instagram and just three weeks later, she sent me a message inviting me to come visit her in Lago Di Garda for the weekend. She insisted that it would be the most eventful weekend discovering a couple of cities in the area and meeting her close friends. Had this been last year or prior to that, my first reaction to the invite would be HELL NO. But my intuition said to go for it! Maybe the way to make friends during a pandemic is as such…. LOL

So on August 21st, I took the train to Lago Di Garda with an complete open-mind and open heart -and what a unique trip it turned out to be! My new friend showed me the city of Desenzano, Brescia and Sirmione as a true local. Since I discovered some real gems in Lago Di Garda, I felt the need to share them with you. So the next time you plan a trip to the North of Italy, specifically Lago Di Garda for as little as 30 hours, make sure to follow the itinerary below & to thank me later.



10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Breakfast at the most delicious pasticceria called, HONORÉ for either an Italian or American breakfast. In my case, I was drawn to their American breakfast, because let’s face it, I am am one hungry girl :P I had ordered their avocado toast with scrambled eggs and cappuccino! ​​

12:15 PM to 7:30 PM

Spend the day by the water in SERMIONE swimming in the clear lake surrounded by splendid​​ mountains. You may even rent a boat, wake board or water slide for extra entertainment.

9:30 PM to 11:15 PM

After getting a golden tan, make sure to throw on one of your most beautiful white ensembles for a stylish night out for dinner & drinks at FAM LIFESTYLE. I highly recommend their glazed onions, roasted eggplant and their cooked pepper & tomato salad as side dishes and their apricot, hazelnut and ricotta pasta. I can assure you that this place surely doesn’t disappoint.



8:30 AM to 9:30 AM

If you are a good friend of mine, you know that I am loyal to my exceptional restaurants. Specifically when there is good food, good service and a lively atmosphere. That is why I recommend going back to HONORÉ -where I urge you to try something you haven’t the day before! Here are my recommendations: the pancakes, their croissant or there incredibly dangerous assortment of desserts (I am still dreaming about them…. )!

10 AM to 1:00 PM

Visit the city of BRESCIA located in in the region of Lombardia, at the foot of the Alps. Fun fact, it is nicknamed, “The Lioness of Italy” (in Italian se dice “Leonessa d’Italia”). Another interesting thing to note is that it is known for producing the Franciacorta sparkling wine! Some of the highlights of the city include:

  • Tempio Capitolium

  • Piazza del Foro and Roman Theater

  • Brescia Musei Civici

  • Duomo Nuovo

  • Piazza della Loggia

  • Museo Mille Miglia

  • Hike up the Castello for a spectacular view of the city​

1:30 PM to 3:00 PM

Feeling hungry? Head over for a nutritious lunch at KAPPERI, a real hidden gem in ​

​Desenzano, located in a mini garden full of greenery and colorful flowers. There extensive menu (with even a gluten free option) really made it difficult for me to choose what to eat. I ended up going with their grilled salmon with asparagus and summer salad with a touch of oranges -I was not disappointed at all. Just make sure to save some space for dessert at….

3:15 PM

VIVALDI ! The richest selection of gelato ice cream, right across from the lake. I couldn’t resist their cookies & cream, bacio and café (yes, I did take 3 irresistible flavors!)!

3:30 PM

And finally take a WALK AROUND DESENZANO to digest all of the Italian delicacies before catching your train at Desenzano del Garda -Sirmione railway station.


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