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  • Kianna Leaa

Dongliang, Shanghai

DONGLIANG | is a multibrand shop that features new & upcoming Chinese designers🇨🇳. The Louis Vuitton Shanghai City Guide marked this shop as a landmark for fashion enthusiasts like me👠. The concept store was launched in 2011 in Shanghai on Fumin Road. Its' store set up is unique in that each floor has a distinct theme & visual aesthetic. I visited the store for the fist time in March and received a private tour of the store from the humble and creative, Dongliang himself. Throughout the tour, I was mostly intrigued by his unique ability to seamlessly blend fashion, art, architecture & interior design. Dongliang showcases avant garde, innovative and visionary designs that has attracted the attention of Bernard Arnaud, Chairman & CEO of LVMH and Imran Ahmed, founder of Business of Fashion ( @bof ) | #skyhighchoostravels


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