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  • Kianna Leaa

Kianna In Italy : Cartier

✨When you are welcomed into the world of Cartier with such open arms, it is almost impossible to leave the shop without a treasure in your hands. From the moment I entered, everything around me just sparkled that my eyes could not focus on just one particular piece or collection. On my right I spotted the LOVE collection. On my left, I caught a glimpse of the Juste Un Clou collection and in front of me lay La Panthere. Deciding which section to give my undivided attention to first was like choosing my favorite child. It’s simply not possible to choose given my equal love for each one. They say that is something only a mother can understand, but as a young adult in this situation, I beg to differ. I used to walk into Cartier with just fascination and passion for its’ formidable and exquisite collection but this time was different. I walked in with a sense of understanding and realization of the very essence of the brand. La Panthere as being the symbol of power, independence, femininity and grace. The Juste Un Clou which depicts a collection with a rebellious nature of defying the convention. Finally the iconic Love collection which illustrates the unity between loved ones. It all made sense to me because it was all the traits and characteristics of the one person I hold very dear to my heart. It is that one person who portrays such strength, courage, love & elegance. Undeniably, I left with the greatest gift that I have been carrying with me for all these years & that I will continue to cherish for as long as I live...✨


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