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Kianna In Italy : Gucci

In my Fashion Merchandising class today I did not know what to expect & got way more than I had anticipated. We had a special guest appearance from Sileno Cheloni, the Maitre Parfumeur & Creator of the Perfume Gucci Bloom. One of the many lessons I learned was how a fragrance has the power of creating a unique identity. We associate smell to specific experiences and memories that we hold dear in our hearts. Unconsciously & subconsciously smell affects the way we perceive people around us and the relationships we develop over time. This is why we should place importance on our personal scent. According to Sileno, “If we realize the affect of our scents & manage it, then we will have much more yes’s than no’s in our lives.” Fragrances give character and allows each person to express his or her individuality in a unique way. Therefore choosing a fragrance that fits you, can simply do wonders. I particularly appreciated Sileno’s analogy -when a boat ties a rope around an anchor, they have the ability to throw the anchor in the ocean in whichever direction they choose. If they choose to pull the anchor back out of the water, they will need to do so with the help of the rope.

Let’s say that the boat is a company. In this case, the rope is the marketing strategy that enables us to control the anchor, the scent that best resonates with the target market. If from your boat, you are able to control the anchor then your brand has developed a successful marketing strategy that effectively reaches their clientele. If the rope tears, then the brand is incapable of controlling the anchor causing miscommunication between the brand and their target market. On an individual level, if we are personally conscious about the way we smell, we are capable of taking control of our scents, which then gives us the ability to influence the way in which we are perceived. If we are unconscious about our scent, we are then incapable of controlling our scent and will not be able to control the way in which we are perceived by those around us. Moral of the story, “smell is an anchor that you put in the memory of people”, so make it memorable!✨


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