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  • Kianna Leaa

Kianna In Italy : Missoni

💜MISSONI 💜fun fact✨| The brand which is exemplary in creating multicolour aesthetics was also the first to make the braless trend "cool". After having a workshop this week on sustainable fashion trends & clothing, perhaps there are many more positive factors in regards to this trend than we had considered. During this class, I was reminded of how the metal underwire in many bras sold today, can be one of the leading causes in breast cancer. How scary is that? Just a couple of years ago there was a major scandal involving Victoria Secret for selling bras that were causing breast cancer! Of course with today's PR experts, this was something that was sweapt under the rug. I find it scary to think how I've overlooked the importance of the fabric of my clothes, specifically my undergarments👙up until now! As a women who values living a healthy lifestyle, it is vital for me to ensure that I am making the right choices in the clothing I wear not only in terms of aesthetic but more importantly in terms of the fabric and its' makeup. Perhaps it is a good time to capitalize on the Missoni "braless flawless" trend at this time😋 I have many thoughts...| 👉🏻🤔 My question is to you, if you knew that the undergarment you were wearing today would cause you serious harm in the future, what would you do about it? Is it even a topic of discussion that you would be curious to further explore? Looking forward to hearing your comments!👇🏻


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