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  • Kianna Leaa

Kianna In Italy : Polimoda

​✨FASHION UPDATE✨| This afternoon I attended orientation at my university. It was the most eye opening experience from the moment I walked through the Polimoda gates (swipe through👉🏻 to see 📸). What I thought to be an informative session turned out to be an introduction of my immersion into the world of luxury fashion👠. We explored designers such as @yohjiyamamotoofficial @alexandermcqueen @maisonmargiela @moschino and many more. What fascinated me the most was the creative distinction, branding and story behind these notable designers that make up the creative and innovative industry today. Flipping through the final projects of most recent graduates along with a new friend from Hungary, ​​sparked many questions and ideas. Through our discussion about the reasoning behind our favorite brand, I came to the conclusion that I would never be able to choose one single brand to represent me and who I am. Choosing a brand would be like choosing one characteristic or personality trait of mine and sticking to it for life (disregarding all the others), no matter what the circumstance or environment I am in. I am not myself if I do not have the collection of vast characteristics that make up my identity -the same way the luxury fashion industry would not be itself it it were missing Chanel, Hermes, Ferragamo, Armani, Givenchy & the rest. That being said, at different periods in my life, I will identify with various brands in unique ways depending on the circumstances I am living in. It is this that will allow me to further explore and develop my understanding of the industry as a whole, while further developing myself.


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