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  • Kianna Leaa

str8t fa5hi0n | part I

str8t fa5hi0n | yesterday was one of the craziest days in my life. i am still in complete shock. i was reminded of how you can achieve anything you want in your life, if you truly believe in it & want it bad enough. at 4PM, I sat in a restaurant with my best friend. I passionately spoke to her about my desire to meet Virgil Abloh, the creative director of @louisvuitton men's, the chief-executive officer of @off____white , aka the leader who has most recently been disrupting the fashion industry & making waves as a pioneer in street fashion. without hesitation she looked at me & laughed. it wasn't a matter of what if, it was a matter of how. we both knew that. it's 5PM. at this point i am wondering if i should just attempt to go watch him dj & one of MTL's finest nigh club, or if i should simply find another way. i have this bad habit of taking the more difficult route if i see something is too "easy" to achieve. 6PM i get ready for my dinner reservations at an Italian resto. 6:45PM I'm in the car with my parents & explaining to them my desire to meet Virgil. 7PM are seated at our table along with our guests. I can feel my sweat dripping along my back. there's no air conditioning in 36o C weather😱. no matter how much i hate this heat, there was nothing stopping me from figuring out how i was going to succeed at my goal. i knew i had 24 more hours to do it. after a couple of bites of my delicious meal & the help of ice cubes reviving me, I began to focus again. how am I going to do this?7:45PM, it's the fourth time I look up to look at the three men having dinner. it was the way they were dressed that struck me the most. one was wearing a black T with jeans, another in a white T with a navy blue sweater above his shoulders in this excruciating heat while rocking his fro & the other in a white T with army pants & black @nike sneakers with white laces. black @nike sneakers with WHITE laces. that's when it hit me. I recognize those sneakers. I remembered those pants. I saw that WHITE T. i opened up Instagram to fact check my findings. does he have a silver bracelet on his right hand? yes. my heart is pounding a million beats per second. I let out an OH MY GAWD...


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