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  • Kianna Leaa

str8t fa5hi0n | part II

[so every “no” is perfect for me. i strive off “no”] - says @virgilabloh in an interview with @iamnaomicampbell . same goes for me. If someone tells me i can't do something, more reason for me to want to defy the convention. it’s 7:55PM. breathe- i tell myself, barely catching my breath. i get up from my seat & walk towards their table. [hello] i say. they all look up. i look at the man on my left. [virgil?] i ask. [yes] he says. a million things running through my mind. for a moment we chatted about how he’s been disrupting the contemporary fashion industry & how i look up to him for it. we even touched upon his most recent collab with @ssense . after ending our brief convo, i walked back to my seat. i couldn’t believe that in a matter of hrs, {4 hrs to be precise} i managed to attain my objective. it it was a refreshing reminder that when you emit positive energy & passion, that you will attain it. no matter what the goal is that you have in mind, absolutely nothing will stand in the way of achieving that as long as you believe in it. nothing. |


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