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We Took The Third Door & Guess Where It Led Us...

Special thanks to Alex Banayan for the tip ;)

me and my girlfriends laughing and smiling at a party in TLV

Precisely two years ago Alex Banayan taught me that there were 3 ways to get into a club. The first is through the main entrance where everyone lines up to get in. The second way to get in is through the VIP line, where celebrities, artists and all the people with connections get in. And the third entrance is the entrance that is barely used except for employees working at the club and those who discover it... This is The Third Door.

Why did this discovery mean so much to me? Well, it was an exceptional metaphor for how I have been living my life to date, especially when it comes to achieving particular goals. Every time one door is too difficult to get through, I somehow always managed to find an alternative way to get in. I just never in a million years thought THE THIRD DOOR would actually help me get into a club...

Israel's Rothschild Street, Tel Aviv at night
Rothschild Street, Tel Aviv

This past May, I travelled to Tel Aviv. I was genuinely looking forward to meet up with some good friends that I had recently connected with. One of my friends, was eager for us to go to this club for a friend of a friend's birthday celebration. When I got to the venue and saw my friends waiting outside in the enormous line, I was immediately turned off. Most of my good friends who know me, know that I don't do lines. EVER. I would rather have a chill night out with good friends at a random bar then wait 1 hour to get into a club with over hyped expectations for only the night to turn out shitty.

My friend went up to the two bouncers guarding the door and talked them up. A couple minutes later, she came back to tell us that we would need to remain in line to eventually get in. When I realized that we would have to wait 40 minutes to one hour to get in, I understood that it wouldn't happen on my watch. I quickly looked for a VIP line and noticed that there wasn't one. I turned to my friend and said "Look, I don't do lines. So it's either I find us an incredible place on par with this club or you guys follow me." I didn't exactly have a plan. In that moment, I just spontaneously believed, that I would find a solution for us to get in. Right away, all my friends agreed to follow me. I had to think fast.

As I scanned the entrance of the club I saw people desperately trying to get the bouncers attention. I thought to myself -there must be another way to get in. It just can't be the only entrance. And in that moment it clicked. I hadn't tried THE THIRD DOOR. My friends who followed me as I tried to determine a solution to all this, were extremely curious and excited to see what I would come up with. Meanwhile, I felt the adrenaline running. I knew deep down that I would find a way in. But I had absolutely no clue how. With much focus and determination to get in and avoiding this 40 minute line like the plague, I walked around the building of the club searching for a back door. When we got to the back of the building, I noticed a staircase that led to the highest floor of the building. it must have been a fire escape. I looked back to make sure that my friends followed close behind and quietly. We ran up the stairs as our hearts beat faster and faster. When we reached the highest floor, we attempted to open the first door but it was locked! We ran to the second and last door beside it. I reached for the knob and to my surprise it opened...

Elevator selfie at Debora Hotel in TLV. I am wearing red corset and black Package crossbody bag with Levi's jean skirt and Nike Air Jordan sneakers in metallic silver.

My friends and I look up and saw the kitchen staff hard at work. The loud music gave away that we had made it to the club. By the time the kitchen staff noticed what was happening, each one of us had already infiltrated into the club and into the crowd. Making it impossible for any of them to catch us:P

As we found each other through the crowd, my friends and I on the biggest high, we began to dance and scream of happiness for getting into the club in pretty much 60 seconds:O Although we didn't end up staying at the club for long, it was the spontaneity of this journey and suspense of getting in that made it the most memorable and funny experience all worth while! So thank you Alex for your invaluable advice and words of encouragement. I can firmly attest that taking THE THIRD DOOR is the best approach!

You can purchase the book here! Thank me later...


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