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  • Kianna Leaa

#ThePowerOf18 : EISHE'S STYLE

A Stylish & Exemplary Jewish Fashion Blogger & Designer

Day 4/18 of #ThePowerOf18 I had the privilege of speaking with @EishesStyle on the power of connecting from her perspective within the Jewish community. Eliana became an influencer by following her passion: Her love for fashion inspired her to share her very own personal touch and views on dressing modestly in a stylish manner. Through this, Eliana established an audience of religious and non-religious women around the world who have connected with her profoundly not only for her chic, elegant and unique style but also because she is an exemplary model of what it means to embrace yourself while staying true to who you are.

Eliana has become a role model to so many women and shows them that regardless of their religious belief and their level of religious observance, that they can convey their own personality through the power of dressing. By following Eliana for so many years, I have been able to gain insight on what it means to dress modestly in the Judaism, something I did not know much about. On a daily basis, Eliana reveals her passion for style while bringing light to real and important topics to over 80,000 followers. Eliana does this with such grace, honesty and integrity, which is one of the reasons I truly look up to her. ​

During our Instagram Live, Eliana and I touched upon some interesting topics. First, she opened up about her youth and upbringing with ambitious parents -her mom being a doctor and her father running his own business. By observing her parents, she was able to learn valuable lessons which she was then able to incorporate into her own career as an influencer, in her own manner. Eliana never expected to create a business out of her passion yet when her Instagram transformed into something greater than she had imagined, she realized that she had a greater purpose. Hence she turned to other people in the business for tips like Ester Santer, a Fashion, Beauty and Travel blogger for support. Eliana is most proud and humble for being raised in an open-minded community that allowed her live life with a broad mindset, which I believe is what truly gives her a unique voice.


  • The importance of staying true to yourself & what religion means to you

  • The importance of spreading help those in need

  • Strengthening relationships during times of hardship & after


PS: For tips on where to find some precious accessories (that look really beautiful and really expensive, at reasonable prices), most sought after designer pieces on sale and advice on where to find some classic or elegant clothes, follow Eliana on Instagram! You may even be lucky enough to have her reveal how she prepares for the Jewish holidays!


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