Coming out of the closet can be difficult. You feel as though you’re unable to express who you truly are. You think people will judge or shift their perception of you for simply being true to yourself, so you resolve to hiding. However, it all depends on which closet you are referring to. I am referring to the one that houses my sky high studded Louboutins, my Balmain dresses, and Givenchy handbags. The supposed “closet” that all my clothes and accessories are supposed to fit into, which unfortunately, isn’t the case. I have a confession to make, and I am not exactly sure how to say this…


I cannot help it if my closet is the size of a shoe box. I mean my parents cannot seriously expect me to fit all my clothes, shoes and handbags into one tight space. My mom always complains about how I have too many clothes and accessories that overloads my room. Yet, from my point of view, the issue lies with the fact that my closet isn’t BIG ENOUGH. For years we’ve argued about storing my clothes in the basement or office, but that won’t work for me. I need my clothes to be as close to me as possible. I need to be able to grasp the materials and fabrics at my will. G-d forbid I go to school without preparing my outfit the night before.

I always thought that there would never be a solution to this particular issue of mine, but it is the 21st century after all. This summer, while I worked for a luxury online fashion retail company, the topic of innovation and technology seemed to be constant. One of my coworkers at the office demonstrated this unique project that he has been working on. The innovation is a virtual closet that carries all of your personal clothes in their respective sizes, which are then accurately measured to scale through a virtual icon of the individual. The most intricate aspect of this project is the fact that you are able to immerse yourself in this virtual world by putting on headgear that covers your eyes and holding a control in your right hand that allows you to navigate. The attributes are varied, for instance, you can walk closer or further from the closet, you can pick up a garment that is hung up and you can even dress your virtual self to see how a particular outfit would look on you! It is absolutely incredible.

It was at this point that I was compelled to look further into the concept of virtual closets, which led me to discovering Swivel. This unique company allows shoppers, in real time, to try on clothes and accessories at home or in store. From home, shoppers have the ability to choose items on an e-commerce site that they would like to try on, without going to the store itself! This is a truly amazing concept that saves time, increases satisfaction, and results in a superior customer experience. Yet, the question remains, how can this type of technology be implemented in our homes since that is what will really make our lives easier. What if we were able to access all of our clothes in an online database to try on our virtual self without having to go into our closet and struggle through the process of sorting and choosing, repeated over and over. What if we could select a whole outfit, and have a built in system in our closet, which will select the items and have them presented to you promptly? Perhaps this would be the perfect closet organizer - the most efficient way of finding your clothes and trying them on. I mean if Cher can have that, than why can’t I?


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