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  • Kianna Leaa

Activewear Brands I Recently Discovered...

Recently, I have been on the search for some cool activewear brands that offer monotone ensembles made of high performing fabrics, who has a sustainable approach, all at a reasonable price tag. Seems like I am asking for too much? Well after much research, I managed to select my top 3 activewear brands who meet these criteria.

In the past, my go-to activewear brand was Lululemon. The pieces were high quality and justified the price. After 6 years of wearing the same pieces over 4 times a week, I felt it was time for an update. Therefore I headed over to Lululemon with the intention of purchasing a second pair of leggings. Unfortunately, after wearing the new pair on a few occasions, I quickly noticed that the quality of the leggings didn't match up to the hefty price that I purchased them for. I was not only disappointed that the quality had decreased but also at the fact that I didn't know which alternative brand to turn to. Although I still love Lululemon for the style of their mesh leggings and comfortable sweaters, I won’t be turning to them for high performance activewear. For this reason, I have decided to challenge myself to find other activewear brands to spice up my workout during these difficult times in quarantine. In my quest for unique high performance activewear, I discovered 3 brands that I am currently loving and curious to learn more about...

Size inclusive, ethical & sustainably made activewear brand that presents a beautiful assortment of ensembles in monotone. I have been looking for a monotone ensemble in either a bright red or blue or neutral color. When I discovered Girlfriend, I was not only impressed by their wide range of color assortment but also their commitment to sustainability and high performing activewear. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that all of their leggings were made our of recycled water bottles (I mean, who knew that was even possible!). I highly recommend you take a glance at their products if you are somewhat like me and want:

  • Luxurious, sustainable & ethical at heart

  • High performing fabrics

  • Monotone ensembles

  • Reasonably priced activewear

During a time where many of us are looking for positive vibes while living through this world-wide pandemic, Vie Active is the perfect brand to turn to. Their mission of inspiring & empowering women is achieved through the lovely array of activewear that is fashion forward and performance driven. I really liked the brand because I felt that many of their pieces had a special little something to them -either unique bra straps, fun prints, lace detail or cutout cuffs on the bottom of leggings. Overall, what I love most about Vie Active is there:

  • Unique & understated detail

  • High performing fabrics

  • Free delivery on all orders

  • Women for women brand

While I have had an ample amount time in quarantine, I have been listening to many podcasts and attending many live Instagram & Zoom discussions about where fashion is heading post-pandemic. Although there are many uncertainties about the future of fashion, there was one particular conversation that stood out to me the most. Last Thursday, I attended The Fashion Espresso Club over Zoom with founder Susanna Nicoletti, a luxury and fashion marketing expert and Marco Crisci, executive consultant, lecturer & professor at Polimoda (he was my professor for Luxury Management). Their conversation about some of the characteristics that will allow a brand to survive post this pandemic, prompted me to find an activewear brand that demonstrated genuine loyalty to their consumers. Sweaty Betty London for me, is a perfect example because they offer their consumers the opportunity to adopt a healthy lifestyle beyond just a product. They inspire their consumers to work out and adopt a healthy lifestyle by creating a blog where they share some of their favorite podcasts, daily challenges, guided meditations, workout videos & recipes. Sweaty Betty London is a brand that has developed a community of like-minded individuals whom they can connect with on a more meaningful level. Also, the brand creates a space that allows members of their community to connect amongst each other. The factors that would influence me to purchase this brand are:

  • Products made of eco-friendly fabrics

  • Brand beyond activewear products

  • Empowering women through fitness & beyond

  • Brand that is loyal to their consumers & genuinely cares for them


While looking for an activewear brand that suited my needs, I realized that the most important aspects in selecting the perfect activewear for me, are (respectably in this order):

  • High performance & durable

  • Fashionable design

  • Sustainable fabric & or values

  • Reasonable price point

I would love to know some of the activewear brands that YOU love and why! Feel free to share them with me in the comments below!

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