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#ThePowerOf18 : KGMTL

Impact Of Connecting & How To Keep Relationships Alive

Katherine Garbarino AKA: @KGMTL is such a humble & down-to-earth Italian Jewish Influencer from Montreal🇨🇦 (my hometown). I look up to her for her extensive knowledge on health, wellness, beauty and skincare! It is evident that she is truly passionate about this which is why she takes it upon herself to do her own research to offer her followers the most amazing beauty & health tips on her Instagram page, on @GLW.GRLS and her website . I discovered her a while back through a friend who had presented Katherine to me as the most honest and real influencer out there. I was so drawn to the idea that I decided to discover it for myself!

Day 1/18 in #ThePowerOf18 movement, I reach out to Katherine on Instagram to get her perspective on the positive impact of connecting with people from all over the world! After explained to her the #ThePowerOf18 movement that I had created, I was touched by her prompt response and eagerness to connect!

During our live, I learned so much about her. She expressed to me how being an influencer has allowed her to connect with so many women by leveraging her passion and spreading insightful and healthy tips on living a balanced lifestyle. She and her followers and clients share such a unique bond based on their shared values that has enabled her to connect with women from all different ages, races and religious beliefs. Katherine expressed to me that this was one of the biggest rewards of being an influencer, that has offered her a different perspective on life, “it gave me perspective and made me more humble.” Although I do want to reveal more info on what we spoke about, I will leave you with a few KEY TAKEAWAYS from our convo below. I hope you will watch our Live on my IGTV for you to see how real, intelligent and kind Katherine is.


  • The rewards of connecting with individuals around the world who share similar values

  • The importance of being open-minded

  • The mindset of Europeans are different than that of people living in North America

  • Panicking does no good

  • You can make the worst out of the worst situation or the best out of the worst situation… YOU CHOOSE



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