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  • Kianna Leaa


Meaningful Relationships (Online & Offline)

Brittany AKA Not Another Blonde is one of the most incredible influencer coach out there! I started following her a couple of years ago when she was living in the Big Apple and had just started out her blog. I remember when she used to do her morning workouts in her amazing closet, where she also worked on her blog! What sets Brittany apart from most influencers is her that she is extremely real, a self starter, down-to-earth, business savvy, up-to-date on social media trends and fashion, not to mention has impeccable style! I remember being so surprised and touched by the fact that she was one of the only influencers who actually followed me back -proving to be authentic when it came to developing a mutual friendship.

On March 19th, I met Brittany for the first time over Instagram Live and it felt as though I had known her for years! During our talk, I felt it would be fun to uncover Brittany’s thoughts on how to maintain meaningful relationships whether it be with her followers, family and friends! Here is what I learned from her:


  • “Invest in those who invest in you”

  • Be involved in each other’s live

  • Her followers are her friends

  • We are all equal

  • Be who you are (genuine & authentic) and that will translate in everything that you do

  • Make the best out of every situation



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